In 1989, on the shores of Lake Como (Italy), the collector Sandro Colarieti invented the first watch winder case, inhabited by a small engine. His invention gave the automatic watch a perpetual movement. It enthused Philippe Stern, then President of Patek Philippe, who transformed the personal object into an order of 500 pieces.


Scatola del Tempo, the leading brand in the field, has become synonymous with Italian excellence, with products with recognizable design and sensual curves, made of organic materials such as leather and wood by experienced craftsmen, who can design tailor-made and exceptional pieces.


After winning the trust of the most prestigious watchmaking companies, this signature is now being applied to ultra-luxurious interiors, building the most incredible storage furniture for valuable watches. 


The Scatola del Tempo range, consisting of single or multiple rotating cases, static storage cases for watches or jewelery, is distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.


In 2018, Xavier Castelli, the new owner of SwissKubik, acquired Scatola del Tempo. It inherits supreme legitimacy in the global world of the watch winder and a responsibility: that of perpetuating the values of passion and good craftsmanship.